Saturday, February 8, 2014

2014 and The Warrior Energy Of The Swords

Every New Year's Eve, I do a big tarot reading for the upcoming year so that I can get an idea of what's coming for me, energetically. I focus on the year ahead, shuffle my tarot cards, and then I do a layout with one card for each month of the year. NYE 2013 was much the same for me, and here's what I got for 2014:

At first, I was a little freaked out by my 2014 reading, and with good reason, I might say. Do you see all of those swords? Swords are considered by many to be the most difficult suit of the tarot deck, and while I actually love the air element and swords (I'm a Libra cusp and Aquarius rising), I know that it's not the easiest element to be immersed in. I even consider the Queen of Swords to be my tarot card! I have so much air influence that getting out of my head is one of my big life challenges, which I've been working on for about as long as I can remember, with fairly good success. From that standpoint, I wasn't too happy to see that apparently I was facing a whole year of dealing with the same issue! 2013 was a huge year for me, full of excitement, ups and downs, and many momentous events, so I was kiiiind of looking forward to relaxing a little and coasting through 2014.

But, you know, when does the universe ever want us to coast? Furthermore, when do we ever really want to coast? It may seem like a great idea for awhile, but at some point you gotta keep doing the work and moving forward. With this in mind, I tried to stay calm and spent the next few days really thinking about the suit of swords, and meditating on what facing a year with half of its focus on swords would mean for me.

I started thinking about my goals for 2014. While I firmly believe that my goals are all within my reach, I definitely wasn't a slouch in the department of dreaming big for myself when I set my intentions for the year. I achieved two things in 2013 that I never, ever thought that I would be able to do: the first was quitting caffeine, and the second was running my first 5K. I cannot overemphasize how much these two achievements had previously seemed completely out of reach for me. I had spent the better part of the last decade [seemingly] hopelessly dependent on caffeine, and I had spent my entire life being told - and worse, believing - that I was naturally unathletic. When I finally set my mind to both of these pursuits and succeeded, it was through sheer force of will. In fact, ever since then, my husband has repeatedly affirmed about me: "You have the most willpower of anyone I know." 

With the pride of those accomplishments glowing within, I set my sights high for 2014 with a few more audacious goals. The difference this year is that now I *know* that if I just focus my intention on it, that I can accomplish anything. The reason why I was able to accomplish those two huge goals in 2013 was because I simply made myself keep working at them, and I wouldn't give up. And I eventually realized how the Sword energy is set to support me this upcoming year. Many associate Swords with mental patterns and thought processes, and since overthinking is usually a bad thing, this evokes a feeling of turmoil. However, the Swords are also associated with ambition, courage, and force of will, and these can be some of the most important elements in achieving our dreams. It's the part of you that just does it and keeps doing it no matter what; it's the drive. 

Furthermore, I came to realize that the energy of the swords is that of the warrior. The aforementioned ambition and courage, along with a disciplined refinement of focus, are what make the warrior victorious, and that is what I know to be the key to my own successes. The warrior aspect of the swords is subtle but makes all the difference between daydreaming, obsessing, and overthinking versus planning, executing, determination, and ultimate accomplishment. It makes me feel very confident and supported to know that I can tap into the sword warrior energy in 2014.

What will you do this year with the sword warrior by your side?

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